Why Lebron Should Leave Cleveland ASAP

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, November 7, 2008

Cavaliers Food Frenzy
Buy a $35 ticket to a Tuesday game against the Bucks. Then add $10 to your order to get a $25 food voucher. That is $15 worth of free food! But wait. There is more. Also get a FREE T-Shirt!

Do you think Chicago had to give away free food to get people to come & watch Michael Jordan? People would pay the ticket price AND spend money on food because it was Michael Freakin' Jordan! Jordan even sold out Washington, and he was not even good anymore.

If they have to do this promotion WITH a superstar, imagine what they are going to do when he leaves.

Cavaliers Money Frenzy
We will give every fan $100 bills if they buy tickets!

Lebron is by far NOT Michael Jordan. Not even close. But he is a big name star in the NBA. It is even argued that he is the best player. (ha) You think if he played in New York, L.A., or Boston that there would ever be a free food night? No. The promotion would be:

Lebron James Frenzy
You pay face value for this ticket, and you get to see Lebron James. Thats It. Nothing Free Tonight. Just Lebron At Face Value.


November 17th, 1987 - November 3rd, 2000. Those are the dates of the Chicago Bulls 610 Game Home Sellout Streak. That included years with Michael Jordan & years without Jordan. This also includes years prior to the Bulls making the NBA Finals. (History Of The Chicago Bulls)

So what am I trying to say? Cleveland is no place for a star AND Lebron is no Jordan!

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