Is Andray Blatche Out Of Here?

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kwame Brown played for 4 years, and was traded for Caron Butler...

The Wizards front office loves potential. They seem to prefer it to skill these days. Drafting European guys that still play in Europe, picking a high school player number 1, or drafting a guy because he is tall, but doesn't shave yet.

In their defense, when you have 3 all stars, potential can be good. What is the point of having a veteran if he isn't gonna play anyway when you can have a young potential guy getting ready. But how long do you have before has potential becomes had potential. (that sounds like a line used several times before)

Golden Rule of the Wizards. Don't get in Eddie Jordan's doghouse. You will not come out. Even my girlfriend lets me out sometimes. Not Eddie. Andray Blatche has/had potential. Every year is going to be his breakout year. Only every year is not his breakout year. This year? Not good. The rule? Broken.

Putting potential in the doghouse is like putting the potential on hold. And potential doesn't like to be on hold. It tends to disappear when on hold. And then as an added bonus, sometimes potential gets discouraged and disgruntled. Then when you give it a 2nd chance, it disappoints.

Kwame Brown: Center, Young, High School, Potential, Doghouse, Had Potential, Gone in 4 years...
Andray Blatche: Center, Young, High School, Potential, Doghouse, Had Potential?, This is the 4th year...

Kwame Brown: Traded for CARON BUTLER
Andray Blatche: Seems like he has more trade value than Kwame

So thats what we are looking at. What we should do is a different post for a different time.

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Truth About It said...

Well, Haywood got out of Jordan's doghouse....but he was just a knucklehead before....wasn't getting into all the shit like Andray.

So, who knows with this kid.