Monday Night Steelers Skins Immagination Hell

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, November 3, 2008

Imagine you are a Redskins fan. That's not too hard. You live in Northern VA. You love your home teams, you are a suburb/home team fan.

Now imagine you have a job. At this job you have an office. Inside this office are 2 desks. You sit at one desk. A young female sits at the other desk.

Everything sounding ok so far? Redskins, Job, Office, Desk, Chick. Things are getting good.

Oh no! Here comes the imagination evil fairy. Coming to ruin your imagination!

The chick has the office plastered with items from her favorite teams. Duke, Red Sox, Steelers, Bon Jovi. She is even wearing Steelers Jersey, while you only wore a Skins hat. Every 10 minutes she waves a terrible towel. She loves those Steelers!

You ask yourself and her, "why?". She has never even been to Pittsburgh. She fails the name an offensive linemen test. She fails the "what division are they in" test. She fails in general!

All you can do is blast the Chris Paul Skins Song or Hail To The Skins on your computer and hope she doesn't play this Steelers song, or this Steelers song.

But this imagination dream from Hell is not over. While you shelled out $85 to sit in the upper deck, she got her lower level tickets for free. While you are riding the metro for 2 hours before and after the game, she is living it up with her free parking pass. NAME THE PUNTER BITCH!

Ok you can snap out of it now. Your imagination is over. Life is good again. Unless you are me. Then this is a nightmare I will never wake up from. Tommorow could be worse...

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