Draft Misery 2001: Kwame

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, June 16, 2009

With the 1st pick in the 2001 NBA Draft the Washington Wizards select: Kwame Brown, Center, High School.

Ah Kwame. How we all remember you. From eating KFC for every meal to not hanging up your suits to having someone tell the crowd not to boo you to playing like MJ in summer league. You were such a great addition to Washington, DC. On the court however things didn't work out as Michael Jordan made you his b***h and you couldn't handle it. Then Michael left but your poor attitude and poor skills continued.

While Kwame was terrible on the court, he can't really be considered too much of a bust. After 4 years of playing, the Wiz turned him into an All Star, Caron Butler, with a trade from the Lakers. This trade looked bad for the Lakers, but a few years later they turned Kwame into a championship ring, by trading him for Pau Gasol. So one can only assume the next trade will bring Dwight Howard to the Pistons for Kwame Brown.

Diagnosis: Temporary Bust

Where Is He Now:

Kwame is currently still in the NBA sitting on the bench for the Detroit Pistons.

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