Workout Reviews

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Washington Post was in the house for the workouts this afternoon to watch Stephen Curry, Brandon Jennings, and more.
Wizards Insider talks about the players games, and is impressed with Curry, Jennings, and even A.J. Price. WI thinks that Curry is the most NBA ready, and says that he was impressive in his interviews with the Wizards. Thats what I like to hear!
"The first thing I noticed was that Curry's jumper really was pure like Artisian water."
Sports Bog was more impressed with local celebrities that he saw like Vinny Cerrato. He asked the important questions like what classes Stephen Curry was taking, what it was like for Jennings living in Rome, and the shortness of Flynn. He talked about how tough the workout was and got some quotes from the workout participants.
"It's more physical in the NBA?" he asked. "I think it's more physical overseas. You know, they don't call anything. You can grab, you can choke a player out, you can do anything."
--Brandon Jennings On Playing Overseas

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