Flip Saunders On Cowherd

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, June 15, 2009

This morning on The Herd on ESPN Radio, Flip Saunders talked with Colin Cowherd. So what did Cowherd ask the coach?
1. What he likes about Phil Jackson
2. Is it harder to coach now than the 60's
3. Ariza & Odom free agents, pick 1
4. How many more years will the aging Lakers be great
5. How has Kobe matured
6. Kobe is a great passer, discuss
You can listen to it here. It is towards the end.
The word Wizards was mentioned three times, relating to "Talking with Wizards head coach Flip Saunders". Then finally, "good luck with the Wiz" at the end.
I'm glad ESPN 980 twittered me the great news that the coach was on. I really enjoyed going out to sit in my car in the middle of work in 85 degree weather with my work clothes on to listen to the radio.
I understand discussing the finals but how about a final question regarding his team. "Nice talking to you Flip, are you gonna win the championship next year?" Is Saunders an analyst or a current head coach? One short question Cowherd! Its common courtesy!
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