Wizards Workouts Featuring Jonny Flynn & Brandon Jennings

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Aside from Stephen Curry, the Wizards will be working out Jonny Flynn & Brandon Jennings today, according to Wizards Insider.

When I first saw PG Brenden Jennings (International) in draft projections, I ignored him the way I ignore Ricky Rubio. Then I realized that Jennings isn't really an international player. He was the player from a year ago who decided after his senior year in high school to play in Europe instead of going to college.

His comments have brought him into the public eye recently when he claimed that Ricky Rubio was all hype (I agree!) . However, to me, a high school player who played one season in a weaker European league than Div 1 basketball can also be described as "hype". (He didn't even dominate)

You may remember PG Flynn, from Syracuse's big run in the Big East Tournament that included a 6 overtime game vs UCONN, or from their 2 games in the NCAA Tourney. Sure, you probably remember Devendorf more, but Flynn is the better player.

Both these guys could turn out to be good point guards, but I don't think either one would give the Wizards what they need for a good team THIS season.


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