Goodbye DC, Hello Minnesota

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The 5th pick was obviously the main part of this trade, but what can Minnesota fans expect from the other parts of the deal?

Oleksiy Pecherov:

Minnesota fans may think they are getting a backup center in O-Pech, but that is not even close to the case. The truth is, they are getting a 7 foot shooting guard. Pecherov plays exclusively behind the 3 point line, and when he gets the ball, he fires up the shot. In fact, his teammates used to call him "The White Hole" because every time you passed him the ball, you were not getting it back. He has no business being in the NBA.

Etan Thomas:

Do they like poetry in Minnesota? How about political activism? Aside from a big body with 0 offense, that's about all they are getting in Etan Thomas. Thomas can muscle out a few rebounds, and you will know when he does based on his over the top elbow swinging rebound routine. He will slam down some points and hit the occasional ugly hook. A big contract and by the way had OPEN HEART SURGURY just 2 years ago. How's that for an injury.

Darius Songaila:

Songaila is not a country, it is one of the goofiest guys you will ever see. Just wait until the first time you see him "sprint" down the court. It is truly amazing. No No No...YES! is the best way to describe Darius. From a basketball standpoint, Darius is a decent guy off the bench. He has a sweet mid range shot and isn't afraid to take it to the rim. Defensively he is not bad, pressures the ball (aka slaps smacks & fouls) and plays rough & tough. He was just about the only toughness the Wizards had last season. He won't back down, and will do the dirty work while putting some points on the board.

I say good riddence to Etan & Pecherov, but the Wizards may end up missing Darius, unless they make another move...

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