Haywood Glad To See Etan Go

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wow I swear I didn't copy this!

In Brendan Haywood's latest blog post, he said it is a sad day. A sad day because Songaila is leaving. Thomas and Opech were not mentioned...

"On a sad note, we’re sad to see Darius Songalia leave our team. He’s a true professional and did way more than he was asked to for our team, especially last year with all of our injuries. He’s a good friend of mine and I’ll miss him as well as the Washington staff and fans - we wish him luck!"

Haywood may really sad enough to write all this about Songaila, but was he giving Etan one more small jab before he leaves at the same time?

It was no secret that Brendan Haywood & Etan Thomas were not great friends. These are just 2 of the times that Haywood & Thomas fought it out. There was at least one other incident as well as I'm sure several mini-incidents in practice.

November 7th, 2006: Washington Post

"Thomas felt that Miller's comments were a slight toward him, he approached Haywood and threw the first punch once the argument escalated, a source said. According to the source, Haywood responded to the punch by body-slamming Thomas to the ground, tearing out at least two of Thomas's dreadlocks in the process."

February 10th, 2007: Washington Post

"The two were jostling for position near the basket at one end of the court, the source said, when one of Haywood's elbows connected with Thomas. Play then went to the other end where Thomas, who believed the elbow was intentional, shouted at Haywood and threw a punch. Haywood responded with punches of his own and the two continued to trade blows until coaches and teammates broke them up."

With Etan gone, Haywood is now not just the best guy for the job, he is now the only guy for the job. He won't be worrying about losing minutes to JaVale McGee, unless somehow JaVale improved 100% and started shaving.

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