How The Wizards Will End Up With Blake Griffin

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, June 9, 2009

1. CLIPPERS select JOHN STEVENS (Backup C Nevada)

Touted the next Michael Olowakandi by his college coach, the Clippers selected Nevada's backup center, John Stevens. "He has the skills of the Kandi Man, how can we not pick him"

2. MEMPHIS selects RICKY RUBIO (G Spain)

Although Rubio's agent told Memphis GM that "It will be a frio day in hell before Rubio plays in Memphis", The Griz are on a mission to field the first ever all-Spaniard team.


OK City, which does not have or believe in a weight room, chose small guard Stephen Curry with the 3rd pick. "He will make Kevin Durant look like Hulk Hogan, which is good for KD's confidence"

4. SACRAMENTO selects JORDAN HILL ( F Arizona)

The Kings were impressed with Hill and the GM said that his 16 year old son helped him make this final draft decision. "We loved him in Super Bad"

5. WASHINGTON selects BLAKE GRIFFIN (F Oklahoma)

The Wizards decided to "give the guy a shot" Wiz Gm told the press "We may have picked him a little early, but we hope the risk will pay off down the road"

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