Kornheiser: "Trade Gilbert Arenas" Again

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tony Kornheiser was on ESPN 980's Locker Room and was asked about the Wizards.

Tony was asked what the Wiz should do with the #5 pick and his response was "Trade Gilbert Arenas"

He answered all of the questions with leading questions but to sum it up, Kornheiser thinks its stupid to pay a guy who hasn't done anything in the last 3 years, and thinks it was "the wrong move" to fire Eddie Jordan. He thinks the Wiz went too old with Jamison and the rest of the team is "like 17 years old" and too young.

After getting over the Wizards stink talk, he went on to kind of answer the original question. He thinks the Wiz need a shooting guard and that Stephen Curry is the best shooting guard in the draft, although would give them a 0 defense backcourt.

Its hard not to agree a little with Kornheisers negative view, the Wiz do stink...

Listen to the interview on ESPN 980. They claim its on there, but I couldn't find it...

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