Manny Acta Fired?

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, June 15, 2009

Reports from Sports Illustrated are that Manny Acta will be fired as soon as today.

Baseball is very different from the other sports because they play so many games, and so few teams make the playoffs. Still it seems like Manny Acta lasted a bit too long in this day and age.

Eddie Jordan led the Wizards to the playoffs 4 years in a row. It only took 11 games to erase the 328 from the previous 4 seasons to get Eddie out the door. The replacement coach, Ed Tapscott, led the Wizards to second to last place in the entire NBA.

In Cleveland, Coach of the Year Mike Brown, is under some heat after taking his team to the Conference finals.

Years ago, Stan Van Gundy was replaced by Pat Riley with the best team in the NBA towards the end of the season.

Barry Melrose (NHL) was fired after 16 games...

Next thing you know, Phil Jackson will be fired after an 0-1 start next year (yeah aren't you talking about baseball?)

So Manny has done nothing but lose and manage the laughing stock of baseball, always getting the pass as manager because the team is "rebuilding". It shouldn't matter whether or not it is his fault (see Eddie Jordan) he should have been fired long ago. When in doubt, fire the coach.

Lets compare:

Many Acta: 148-234. 38%.
Eddie Jordan: 197-224. 46%.

I just wonder why someone like Avery Johnson, who leads his team to the NBA finals gets fired 2 years later, and someone like Mike Dunleavy can coach the Clippers for 6 seasons with only 1 playoff appearance. Personality?

Or do winning teams expect to win and losing teams "rebuild" for 1, 2, 3, 20, + years?

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