Little 9: Magic Vs Wizards

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, June 15, 2009

Everyone in the NBA talks about the term "The Big 3". Many teams supposedly have them and they are the reason teams win. The Wiz have one in Butler, Arenas, & Jamison. The Magic have one in Howard, Hedu, and Lewis.

Last season the Magic made it to the Conference Semis. So what did the Magic do in the offseason to take the next step? Did they egotistically think that they could have won barring certain injuries or plays? Nope. Did they say "oh the big 3 will improve" Nope. Did they say "We were 1st place at XXX date in XXX year" Did they go with "we were in the playoffs, so naturally next year we will improve" No. They went out and made moves.

The Magic improve their "little 9", the 9 non-starters, every single season. The Wiz assume injuries are their problem, and keep the same old guys.

Two of the Magic starters and one key bench guy in last nights game were not on the team last season. Courtney Lee was drafted, and Rafer Alston was acquired in a trade. They also added Mickael Pietrus. Meanwhile, the Wizards starting lineup always seems to have Stevenson & Haywood, and Blatche and Etan Thomas have been coming off the bench for years.

This offseason, the Wizards need to overhaul the Little 9. Stevenson, Blatche, Thomas, Young, McGuire, McGee, Crittendon. I don't care, get rid of them all. Set up a table outside the Verizon Center and put them on display in a yard sale. Bring in some role players and ummm A 3 POINT SHOOTER or two! Bring back Tim Legler if you have to.

And stop the "we are one move away" attitude. Let me count the moves away. Stevenson. Pecherov. Mike James. That's 3 moves away right there and I came up with that in 4 seconds.

If a team in the playoffs needs to make some moves to go farther, surely a last place team needs to make moves as well. (Don't call me Shirly) So who else is up for a complete overhaul?

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