Midnight Moves?

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tonight at Midnight is the start of NBA free agency. Woo Ha! There are a lot of names being talked about around the web by Wiz peoplez.
Will the Wizards make a move tonight? While they do not need a player immediately, they may have to act fast so that they don't lose out when another team makes an offer sooner.
I'm not sure how the salary situation works, but it seems that the big name free agents may be out of the picture. I don't even see how the Wiz can afford anyone.
Michael Lee had a good list of some possibilities
"Some of the top free agent big men include Rasheed Wallace, Antonio McDyess, Zaza Pachulia, Drew Gooden, Chris Wilcox, Channing Frye, Joe Smith, Stromile Swift, Chris Andersen, Rasho Nesterovic, Mikki Moore and Shelden Williams." Michael Lee, Washington Post
Yes Please! None of these guys are stars. PERFECT. That is exactly what the Wizards need. A big body, scoring optional. Many of these guys seem to have some solid playoff action.
I don't think they can get Gooden, Birdman, or Sheed, and I hope they do not go old skool with Joe Smith. I even think McDyess is too old. Stromile Swift is a bum. Zazu is ayite. Wilcox could fit well, and would be a local favorite coming from Maryland. Frye or Moore could be ok. Shelden Williams would play hard. Rasho was on the Spurs so he knows what is up.
If I was the Wizards, I would go for Shelden, Wilcox, or Rash. If I was a fan, I'd go with Birdman!
Will the Wizards make a move tonight? Not necessarily. Grunfeld will be active, and will try to get good value. If they don't make a deal at midnight, they will have plenty of time to find someone. It may actually be better to avoid the initial rush, to save some cash. All I know is this is looking like a boring week! How about some excitement!

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