Wizards Free Agent Choices: Michael Ruffin & The Veteran Minimum

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Last night was like Christmas Eve. I was nestled all snug in my bed, while visions of Michael Ruffins danced in my head. I was hoping to wake up in the morning and find a special present under my Wizards tree. A shiny new Wilcox. A brand new Pachulia. Maybe even a good old fashioned Antonio McDyess.

But Ernie Claus didn't come last night. Not even a single lump of coal! (Joe Smith)

The Wizards weren't really expecting to go for broke on the first night of free agency. According to Mike Jones...Who?...Mike Jones...of the Washington Times, the plan is to hang around and pick up the scraps, signing a player for somewhere near the veteran minimum.

Players who play for the veteran minimum are the worst players in the league, but not bad enough (or too old) to go to the D-League. Sadly, in order to succeed & based on salary restrictions, the Wizards have to pick up one of these guys. The Wizards will be pursuing guys like (insert cartoon shaking off being stunned head shake here) Michael Ruffin.

Michael Ruffin is a hustler homie. He is a big body who takes up space. His offensive skills are in the negatives, but he will try hard and play rough. I was expecting someone to push Andray Blatche for minutes, but a fill in guy who can come in every once in the while may be all the Wizards can afford.

While watching a game with Ruffin on the floor is like watching a 52-Car pileup being hit by a train on a sinking ship, he is responsible for the greatest announcing call in the history of the world. Better than "The Giants win the pennant!". Better than "By George the dream is alive!" Better than "The band is on the field". Better even than "Dagger!"

"Noooooooooo! Not Possible!"

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