Vince Carter To The Orlando Magic; Your Move Wizards!

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, June 25, 2009

After the deal bringing Shaq to the Cavs, things are heating up in the competitive Eastern Conference. The Magic are reported to be very close to getting Vince Carter, who will probably replace Hedu Turkey, a free agent that will most likely sign with another team. The Boston Globe reports that this trade is done.

"An NBA source told The Boston Globe that a trade was just consumnated sending Nets forward Vince Carter to Orlando for guard Rafer Alston, forward Tony Battie and guard Courtney Lee." (Boston Globe)

The East was already a 3 team race, but these teams are all making changes and getting better. The Celtics get better adding a healthy KG, and they may make something happen with Rondo.

Meanwhile, back in 4th-8th place in the East, there are a bunch of teams who are so-so. A few teams who could emerge as #4 but nobody who could crack the top 3. The Wizards are one of those teams predicted to be close to #4 after picking up Foye & Miller.

There is only one problem with being #4. That is not the goal. The goal is to win the championship. The goal is to be #1. A #1 team's best big man is not Brendan Haywood. A #1 team's best big man is a Shaq, a Kevin Garnett, a Dwight Howard. (An Amare Stoudemire?)

The Wiz are talking to teams about moving their 2nd round pick & other parts to try to get a big man, but will it be enough to beat the likes of Cleveland, Boston, or Orlando?

In Ernie We Trust!

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