Where Is Our Second Sports Talk Station?

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, June 25, 2009

Last night the US soccer team beat Spain and picked up one of the best upsets in the history of American soccer.

Today, one of the top NBA players of all time, and one of the most famous overall people in the country, Shaquille O'Neil was traded to the same team as the top current player and one of the most famous people in the country, Lebron James' team the Cleveland Cavs.

Tonight is the NBA Draft, one of the biggest nights in the NBA. Aside from the draft speculation, there are also a lot of trade rumors floating around.

So why do I tune the radio to ESPN 980 and hear multiple segments on the 10 reasons the Redskins aren't relevant anymore. This talk included bits about Desmond Howard, Reggie White, and the 1991 Super Bowl.

I'm not saying it was bad stuff, I love the Redskins, but it was the moment that pushed me over the edge on the thought that I need a second sports talk station.

Having only one sports station in town has been a problem for awhile. ESPN 980 makes you listen to National Programming (Mike & Mike) in the mornings, then if you like doing that, they cut you off halfway through the second national program (Cowherd). No local morning show on sports radio, just the Junkees on a different station.

Did I mention that Daniel Snyder owns ESPN 980?

Maybe that explains why Redskin VP Vinny Cerrato had his own radio show to push the Redskins management's agenda while the team was failing to win games. Another part of the day when I was forced to listen to Taylor Swift (better than Inside the Redzone)

Previously, when a show would do a segment that I didn't want to hear, I would switch to the other sports station and maybe come back to the other one later. Not an option now that Snyder monopolized.

Two sports stations will talk about the same topics, but at least it will be some different opinions. When I'm listening to 95.5 and they put on Kanye West, I have the option to switch over to 93.9 and sure the same Kanye West song is playing, but it is more over than the one on the other station.

Luckily I will (hopefully) soon be able to listen to sports talk radio without listening to meaningless Redskins coverage. WJFK may be switching over to all sports format, and keeping on the Junkees to lead the way. There is also talk that big LOCAL big names like Mike Wise & Tony Kornheiser will possibly sign on.

This may be semi-old news, but man Desmond Howard? It set me off. Read the NBC news story from Truth About It's Kyle Weidie.

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mark said...

rumor has it that WJFK is gonna be flipping to full-time sports format sometime later this summer (retaining the junkies and flipping everything else)...