Free Agents: Nesterovic, Collins, Frye, Magloire

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Wiz are reported to have their eye on four big men, according to the Washington Times.
Rasho Nesterovic was on the Spurs, which means he can play the game. Channing Frye was supposed to be good at one point but never panned out. It didn't help that he was on the Knicks most of that time. Jason Collins is another stop gap guy who doesn't really do much but take up space. Magloire was good at one point, but he really dropped off. If I can remember he was at one point in an all star game. Check out this picture of him. Strange.
All of these guys would fill the role that the Wizards are looking for. Since the player won't get major minutes, it is not really a big deal how good of an offensive player they are. I like Magloire, but really they could pick a name out of a hat.
Truth About It will give you more detail than random things off the top of my head...

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