Channing Frye & World of Warcraft

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, July 6, 2009

I typed Channing Frye into Google and some autocomplete searches came up. "Channing Frye Blog", "Channing Frye Girlfriend", "Channing Frye Stats", "Channing Frye World Of Warcraft"...wait what?
Apparantly Channing Frye is a big time nerd. Much worse than Gilbert Arenas playing Halo all day. Frye plays the game World of Warcraft. The game where people play so much it ruins jobs, relationships, families...
While being a gamer would fit in well in the Wizards locker room, this may be going overboard. Talking about Blood Elfs & Death Knights (i looked it up I swear) is not
According to the News For Gamers article, Channing has 2 level 80 characters. I decided to see what this meant, so I went to a local high school, freed a kid who was stuffed upside-down in a trash can, and asked him a few questions.
Actually I went online and found out that level 80 is not that great, but apparantly takes 7 days plus...which i think means 7 times 24 hours. (times 2 characters).
So while many NBAers are at clubs til 4am, Frye may be at home playing video games. Staying out of trouble is good, but playing video games for hours on end can make you pretty tired and distract you from working hard on basketball.
So that is some stuff on Channing Frye, who would probably not be a bad locker room guy, and looks like he could contriubte a few minutes a game. Hopefully he remembers to stay out of the Swamp of Sorrows...

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