Holler At Your Foye!

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, July 2, 2009

Randy Foye was just on the Sports Junkees 106.7 WJFK this morning. The Junkees started out the interview by telling Foye he was "a dime a dozen" and that the trade was a bad idea. The Wizards should have drafted a superstar instead. Not all of the Junkees, just one of them. It was kinda awkward and Foye didn't seem too happy.

Foye hasn't talked to Ernie about what position he will play or if he will start, but he did talk about getting all the stars involved. He seems to be happy to take a hit in stats as long as it leads to the playoffs.

Mostly, Foye talked about living in Newark, getting robbed, and how the neighborhood keeps getting worse. He has a foundation to help kids in Newark, and had a tough upbringing where his dad died as a baby and his mom left him in kindergarten.

Later in the interview they asked Foye about his condition, situs inversus, where his organs are backwards. They inquired about which "basketball" hung lower, and kept telling him he needed to check. Foye wasn't having it.

You can probably listen to the Podcast of the interview over on WJFK...

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Mimi said...

he did say his right "potato sack" does hang lower. you love the Junkies!