We Are The Knights Who Don't Say Knee

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Last time I checked, Gilbert Arenas did not miss most of the last 2 seasons because of a weight problem. He was not obese, overweight, or even getting chubby.

"We aren't concerned with Gilbert's knees right now"
--Ernie Grunfeld (
Washington Post)

So why is it that every time someone is asked "How does Gilbert look on the court" the response is always "He lost 20 pounds".

"I lost 20 pounds!" he excitedly proclaimed when I remarked that he looked good. "I feel great. Finally."
--Gilbert Arenas (Washington Times)

Gilbert lost the weight to help his knee. Less weight means less pressure on his knee. This is all perfectly understandable. But the weight is not the problem. It is one part of the solution.

That is like asking someone sad how they feel, and them responding with "I'm seeing a therapist". That wasn't the question. The question was "How do you feel."
"Everybody says he lost 20 pounds, which is great for his knee"
--Brendan Haywood (

Knee, Knee, Knee, Knee. You would assume that the overall response would be "His knee looks great, BECAUSE he lost 20 pounds" not just "He lost 20 pounds", but that isn't the case. There is a lot of beating around the bush. Talk about Tim Grover & weight and no talk about the knee. Let's ignore the knee. Let's not mention the knee. I don't even know what a knee is!

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Truth About It said...

And then Gilbert said, at one point, that he was going to train with Tim Grover in Chi-Town so he could "bulk back up" -- go figure.