More Free Agent Speculation

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, July 13, 2009

Mike Jones from the Washington Times is reporting some updated names in the big man free agent arena. Many names have been eliminated (or signed with other teams) and only a few names remain.

Chris Wilcox, Sean Marks, Jamaal Magloire, Mikki Moore, & Fabricio Oberto.

The only way the Wizards will end up with any of these guys is if another team isn't willing to pay them a small amount more than the Veteran Minimum. So its gonna be some more waiting probably.

I haven't seen Wilcox play since he was at Maryland. He has had a few decent seasons for bad teams in his NBA career. His stats look like he is not veteran minimum, and his previous salary was something like 6 million.

Marks has been in the NBA 9 seasons, including being out of the league 2 seasons early in his career, at an average of only 20 games per season. He did play 60 for the Hornets last season including 16 minutes per game in the playoffs. (Hornets got killed)

Magloire has played for 6 teams in 5 seasons. For a former All-Star, that doesn't look good. Word on the streets is that he doesn't really play hard. Probably not the kind of guy that JaVale McGee and company would learn work ethic from.

I remember seeing a story on TV about Moore talking to the D-League, telling the players his own D-League success story. Playing in the D-League and on 9 different NBA teams means he would probably be available for the veteran minimum. I think he wouldn't be a bad fit, and has shown flashes with the Nets, including the playoffs a few years ago where he averaged over 11 ppg.

Oberto has played in the NBA for 4 seasons. During that time he played in 46 Playoff games! That's more playoff games than the Washington Wizards team has even played in the last 23 years! He has the experience, knows how to win, but would he take the Veteran minimum over returning to Spain? I doubt it.

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