Subscribed To NBA Broadband Summer League

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Saturday, July 11, 2009

I've been sitting here all day, bored as hell. NBA TV and the replay of the draft just went haywire is now a blank screen. I realized on Tuesday, I'm gonna have to subscribe to the NBA Broadband to watch the game, so why not just do it now and kill some time on a Saturday afternoon watching Smush Parker try to become relevant again.

So what do you get by subscribing, besides a $14.99 charge on your credit card? You get a non widescreen, grainy video of each game, and the ability to watch the games you missed "on demand" You get terrible announcing and camera work. You get footage of an empty court during breaks. Rip + Off = Ripoff.
The broadcaster is the same guy as last year. The guy who says "dude" a lot and other slang. I dunno how I feel about him, but he is pretty unconventional and kinda stupid.

The other announcer, Antonio Harvey (former NBAer) thinks that the NBA should ban high school players from entering the draft. Um didn't that happen? He sounds older, and does not play off of the younger "dude" guy very well.
Update, the other announcer thinks you should be able come out of high school but can't be drafted in the lottery. If you leave college after one year, you can't be picked in the top 5. WTF are you talking about. Dumbest idea ever?

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