Summer League Announcers Think I'm A Hater

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Saturday, July 11, 2009

I recently complained about how it costs $15 for the terrible NBA Summer League broadband service. I got it anyway, and began to watch some games from yesterday.
In the Warriors game the announcer Antonio Harvey talks about how his friend was complaining about the $15 fee to watch the games, to which he replied something along the lines of basketball fans should pay $25 or more if they are true fans. Then he mentioned that around 50 guys from the league would be in the NBA to prove that it is not low talent basketball.
"I think he's a hater" said Rick "dude" Kamla about Harvey's friend. Kamla then said "To me they are GIVING it away for $15". He went on to say that even if you make minimum wage you can afford this.
I want these announcers to watch the broadcast on the computer. See the freezing replays, the cut off replays, the terrible quality, etc. $15 is a ripoff!

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