Wizards Pitching The Company Line

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Saturday, July 11, 2009

So far this offseason has been pretty boring. One big move but not much more after that. Listening to the summer interviews I tend to hear the same things from every player. Everyone is pitching the company line. I like to take a shot every time I hear someone in the organization mention any of the following things in an interview.
  • Randy Foye can play multiple positions
  • Mike Miller can play multiple positions
  • We're healthy
  • Gilbert Arenas was injured last year
  • Brendan Haywood was injured last year
  • DeShawn Stevenson was injured last year
  • Caron, Gilbert, & Antawn are all stars
  • Gilbert, Brendan, & DeShawn will be back
  • Gilbert has lost weight
  • Gilbert is training with Tim Grover
  • Young Core is improved
  • If you remember we were in first place in the East
  • We made a Good Trade
  • Nobody in the draft would make an immediate impact
  • May make some move but happy with our current roster
  • If we can stay healthy, we are a playoff caliber team
Feel free to comment with more things I'm missing

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