Wizards Summer League Game 1

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Holy F**k. $15 for a service that is poor production quality is one thing. Paying $15 for a service that freezes, goes down, and that takes 3 hours to watch a 2 hour game is BS.
Anyways, Nick Young led the Wizards to a meaningless victory against some scrubs wearing Cleveland Cavs uniforms. Young scored 36 and Summer League scored 21 with 7 turnovers and 5 fouls.
Overall the guys played similar to how they played last year. They seem lackadaisical and do nothing but take jumpers while displaying terrible ballhandling, not rebounding, and setting poor screens.
Javaris Crittenton didn't do much, and I don't see him getting any minutes next season in that crowded back court. I'm thinking some DNPs.
Nick Young hit shots, but still can't dribble and doesn't drive to the hoop. He is also very streaky. Hopefully as a role player instead of a goto scorer he will improve this year.
Andray Blatche shows flashes of great play. Then the Blatchmanian Devil dribbles on the fast break, goes for a spin move, falls on the ground, and throws it to the other team, all in one play. The Wiz are gonna need him this year.
JaVale McGee played 28 minutes and did nothing. He had no blocks, just flailed his arm at shots. He got pushed around a little and didn't seem to be playing that hard. He has time to work on his game, and is still young. A veteran backup center will help.
Antawn Jamison & Flip Saunders both made guest appearances "in the booth" where the announcers who knew nothing about the Wizards asked the same questions over and over again.
Jamison brought up Blatche's poor work ethic again and just told us things we have already heard.
Saunders on the other hand did not sound happy with the young players. At one point JaVale McGee threw a behind the back pass to the other team to which Saunders replied "he won't be doing that next season" and mentioned that he would be on the bench if he did. He also brought up Blatche's work ethic, saying that Andray was working out hard, which is good to hear.
More games coming up, starting tomorrow at 10:30pm against the Nuggets...

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