And Thus Begins The Gilbert Arenas To Play In Summer League Rumors

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Over on the Bog, Steinberg talked to Andray Blatche about Summer League.
"Gilbert gave me a call and said he was gonna participate in it," Blatche said. "He said it would be good for us, so we can get an early head start on the offense."--Sports Bog
Blatche went on to say that it's Gilbert so it may or may not happen.
Is this Gilbert Arenas starting to be Gilbert again with some random wild card comment? Is it Gilbert messing with Blatche? Is it Blatche misunderstanding Gilbert's definition of participation? One thing is for sure, tomorrow this rumor will be all over the internet.
So would Gil playing in the Summer League be a good thing? While it would be fun to watch, and would give some instant pleasure in a boring sports summer, if he got hurt...not good.
More to come later...

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