Not Excited...Yet

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, November 3, 2010

John Wall played a great game the other night. He was quick, and considering the rest of the team stands around doing nothing, did pretty well to help the team win for his 3rd game. He also turned the ball over at key spots. I'm not mad at that. He is a rookie. Its his 3rd game. That happens. If Gilbert did that I would be upset. When Wall did it I said, "OK I'll take that he is a rookie." That can be fixed over the next few years.

In that respect Cowherd is an idiot. Rondo had 17 assists and 0 turnovers. Really? Was it his 3rd game in the NBA on the worst team in the NBA or was it on a championship team?

Aside from the turnovers, Wall's offense was quite impressive, but let's not celebrate like they won the championship. After game 1 and 2 nobody was going crazy. Now today its like the Wizards have the greatest player ever because he had a great line against the AWFUL Sixers. I'm excited, but holding back a little. I got super excited about another DC rookie Stephen Strasburg. I purchased tickets for way too much money for all the games based on 1 performance, his 1st game ever. That was stupid. Now I realize.

So let's wait til 10 games. Let's wait to see what the kid can do against non 0-4 teams. Let's wait to see when he isn't guarded by another rookie. Let's build our excitement slowly. If you think that he will get 9 steals a night for the rest of his career you are nuts. He will probably go up and down as most rookies do.

So what am I talking about? Am I complaining about John Wall? Not at all. I just can't believe how many people sent me txts talking about one game against a bad team. Thats a DC sports mentality. We suck at everything and need some hope. I think John Wall will be that hope but 1 game!?

I can't start the exitement yet. I've been burned before, like when the Wiz were 1st in the East a few years ago. And that wasn't game 3. That was the All-Star break! So let's watch J-Wall get better each game and pray everytime he gets fouled that he doesn't go down...

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