Wizards New Colors, Logos, & Uniforms

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Today the Wizards released their new uniforms. It looks to be step one on their path to become the Bullets once again and ruining the awesome title of this blog. With these new colors, we can finally wash away Kwame Brown, Michael Jordan, & Gilbert Arenas :( . And of course now everyone has to buy another John Wall jersey $$$$$

The logo is the same with switched up colors, and there is a new DC logo...

Um this is kinda what they look like...Check out the real site for real pics Or check out Bullets Forever for more pics

I'm hoping these jerseys can shoot 60% from the field and come with an assist to turnover ration of 10:1. Also maybe one of the jerseys will have a good player under it?

The cheerleaders also have new outfits :) You can see them here

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