Andray Has Chance To Show He Has Changed, Fails

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Wizards opened their season on Monday night with a message for the fans.  This message was delivered by team captain Andray Blatche to a mostly filled Verizon Center to a round of applause.  Less than 24 hours later, everyone hates him because of the following tweet:

Now I read this and didn't really think much of it.  The media and fans have twisted these words a little to seem like Andray is calling out coach Flip Saunders or his teammates for not getting him the ball.  I thought he was criticizing his own game and stepping up as a leader telling the fans what he needs to do next time, not what others need to do.  Although it is Andray, so everyone thinks it was a frustration tweet...

However, we should just all calm down.  Andray will explain using his leadership skills...

What?  You just told us last night in front of everyone at the game that you were a leader and you love the fans.  Why not just calmly explain.  Can we get Dray a hired PR person.  Just write "I wasn't calling out my coaches, I was calling out myself, I need to improve and lead by example"  Nope, not Andray.  Well that is Twitter, now that he has had time to think about it, let's let Andray talk to us directly:


I don't know what kind of leader reacts with venom instead of thinking.  I don't know what kind of leader hides from criticism.  I don't know what kind of leader does the things described in this tweet:

Hey Andray.  Try to live 1 day as Lebron or Kobe.  You think you are criticized?  Watch them.  See how they react.  Want to see what a leader does?  Watch guys like Steve Nash, Tim Duncan.  Watch what they do when they are frustrated.  They step up, have everything fall on their shoulders, and they play basketball.

The criticism that you get is more than a normal person because of the way you carry yourself.  The way you duck the blame, and don't step up.

This whole twisting of that quote was a perfect time to show some leadership qualities.  Even though the story was all wrong, and the criticism was not deserved, Andray had a chance to act like a leader.  He did not.  I wish he had a big C on his jersey so they could strip it off of him.

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