New Look Wizards, Same Look Wizards

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Washington Wizards 84, New Jersey Nets 90

The Wizards lost their first game of the season to the New Jersey Nets on Monday night at Verizon Center by a score of 90-84.  The Wizards came out strong taking a 20 point lead, but that lead was way to early in the NBA and as the 4th quarter drew to an end the lead was gone.  The Wiz had the ball only down 3 points with 30 seconds left but John Wall penetrated and then turned the ball over on a bad pass.

The game started out with 7 day Dray who is apparently somehow the "captain" of the team.  He took the mic and told the fans that we were great blah blah then went out and sucked on the court.

In the first quarter I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  The Wizards were dominating and I had to take photos of the scoreboard to make sure I was reading it correctly.  However while the rest of the fans got excited, I sat in my chair reserved.  I had seen this before.

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Overall the team played with energy but they failed to cover open shooters down the stretch and as usual gave up huge three pointers.  Kris Humphries had 21 points and 16 rebounds.  That deserves a Mike Wise ARE U SERIOUS!  I should have just wrote that stat line in this recap instead of a whole story because it explains a lot.  I couldn't believe the fans were still laughing and booing him after he dominated.

Really? No!  Can't Be!

Once again John Wall was terrible.  Well not terrible, but compared to expectations he fell way short.  Wall shot 3-13 (23%) and had 4 turnovers compared to only 5 assists.  That is not what you want from your point guard.

The big men Blatche & McGee do what they do best.  Take and miss horrible shots from really close to the basket, get outrebounded, and not cover anyone.  They finished a combined 10-24 (42%) which is not good for centers.  Offensive Rebounds:  NJ 18, Wizards 8.  Blatche had 0 of those.

The only semi bright spot was Nick Young who came in on fire, but left the game for a short period of time (& came back) with an rolled ankle.  He finished 6-9 (66%) with 16 points, but the rest of his stat line as usual looked like a binary number.  If NY comes in on an off shooting night he brings absolutely NOTHING to the table basketball wise.                        Who is the new girl!

Singleton & Turiaf also brought some energy to the game.

Next up for the Wiz a Wednesday night matchup with the Hawks in the ATL (7:30pm)

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