Didn't Nobody Slap Jordan Crawford! Didn't They?

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Current Starting Shooting Guard:

With Nick Young out of training camp, Jordan Crawford doesn't have much competition to become the starting shooting guard on the Wizards. Crawford hasn't met a shot he didn't like (sorry I had to use that expression) In 26 games for the Wizards last season, Jordan took 423 shots (16 shots per game) He hit under 40% of the shots he took and averaged 16 ppg for the Wiz, similar numbers to John Wall.

(Wow that is lots of shots from 2 guys, and lots of misses...but that isn't the point right now)

Scoring Like Foye:

There is no doubt that Crawford is a scorer.  In college he scored 20 ppg in the Big East.  So did Randy Foye.  He also scored 16 ppg in the NBA.  So did Randy Foye.  Not sayin...Just sayin...

Basketball Overconfidence:

Wizards Insider had a report about Jordan Crawford's "confidence & cockiness" which doesn't seem to be a good trait for him. On the court he thinks he is the best player, and he will take shots that he shouldn't instead of finding open guys.

Newsflash, because you dunked on Lebron James (kind of) in a pickup game, you aren't the best player. He has played 26 games for one of the worst teams in the league where just about every minute of play was garbage time. If he is on a playoff team does he even see the foor?

Travelling More Than Patrick Ewing:

Crawford was drafted by the Nets traded after playing 0 games to the Hawks, and traded after 16 games for them to the Wiz.  He also played at 2 different colleges.  So recap:  2 Colleges in 2 seasons, 3 NBA teams in 1 season.  That is 5 teams in 3 years.  Is that bad luck, or bad attitude?

What Up Cuz, What Up Gangsta:

But that is the basketball side. There is also the human side. The Insider got a few quotes from Crawford that are kind of disturbing. In reference to a little scuffle he had with Kevin Garnett at a pickup game, Jordan said the following:

“I don’t get slapped by anyone,” Crawford said. “You guys need to watch that word. Slap? Didn’t nobody slap me.” -- Wizards Insider

What kind of response is that. Why wouldn't you laugh it off, or just say you got in a fight.  Why do you have to be like that?  Sounds like the attitude of another guy Wizards fans know well -- Javaris Crittendon.


Despite everything I am writing, I am not rooting against the guy.  I hope he can come in and take his game to the next level, aka raising his shooting percentage and passing up some of the shots he is taking.  I'm not as confident as Jordan is about this, but we shall see what happens during the season.  He may be starting the majority of the games (thanks to NY).

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