Blinded By The Light

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Golden State Warriors have given Kwame Brown 7 MILLION Dollars for only 1 year! 

After I read this news I went into an immediate panic.  I ran out the door of my office leaving my computer on and all my things on my desk.  I jumped into my car and sped to the emergency room.  I ran in the front doors and collapsed to the ground screaming for help.

 "Help Me!, HELLLLLLLLP!" I scremed in blood curdling cries. 

A nearby nurse ran to my collapsed body and looked around for blood or broken bones.  She couldn't find anything.  She screamed, "Calm down sir, what happened, where are you hurt"

 I screamed back "Nurse, it's my eyes.  My eyes.  I'll never see again!"

She picked me off the floor and dragged me to the emergency eye wash station.  As the water poured all over my face she kept asking over and over what I had put in my eyes, but I couldn't answer I was in shock.

After a few seconds of the water hitting my eyes I calmed down.  I could see the nurse clearly.  In fact, she looked as clear as she did when I first entered the hospital.  But was that possible...there had to be something wrong with my eyes...I mean, that article couldn't have said 7 Million Dollars...right?  I must have had something severly go wrong with my vision right? 

But the nurse examined me, tested my vision, and told me I was free to go home.  There was nothing wrong with my eyes, in fact I had perfect vision.  Sure enough when I got home the article said 7 Million Dollars and Kwame Brown, IN THE SAME SENTENCE!

Why do teams continue to sign Kwame Brown, especially when they know he is Kwame Brown...

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