Howard's End

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, December 15, 2011

If you have read the 1910 novel or seen the 1992 Best Picture nominee and you get this post title, bonus points to you...My grandma loved my choice...

The Wizards will have to look elsewhere for energy & injuries this season as Josh Howard has signed a one year deal with the Utah Jazz.

Howard played 4 energy filled games in 2010 for the Wizards but was out for the season after that.  The next season in 2011, Howard only made it through 18 games, 15 of them losses.

I don't know how limited the risk is.  Two seasons in a row barely making it through a majority of the games.  Sure the potential is there, I would have like the Wiz to take this risk since they are a struggling team, but it isn't terrible that they didn't sign Howard (if they even really had a chance).

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