JaVale McGee's Stupid Staredown Hits PTI

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, December 22, 2011

On Tuesday night in Philadelphia, JaVale McGee threw down a meaningless preseason dunk over rookie Nikola Vucevic. It wasn't the greatest posterization as McGee is 100 feet tall and can basically dunk without jumping, but it was a nice dunk. After hitting the dunk, McGee stared down Vucevic for a good 5 seconds. I immediately WTF'd, wondering why anyone with no track record of being good would do such a thing. (A few minutes later McGee didn't cover Vucevic and he hit a buzzer beater wide open 3 pointer, which makes the stare down even more infuriating)

I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one who thought this was insane. In the "What's The Word" segment, the PTI guys were given the following.

It was ____________ that JaVale McGee added a staredown to his dunk.


Kornheiser went on to say he watched the game live (to which Wilbon asked him if he had a remote control in his house).

"JaVale McGee, who has accomplished nothing in his career whatsoever, stares down this guy who is basically at the end of the 76ers roster, and you say to yourself 'Come On, Don't do that, don't do it' "


Mike talked about how the Wiz lost to the Sixers by 40 the previous game, and how the Wizards are terrible.   He did mention McGee's talent, but Wilbon is an NBA guy.

"The Wizards only lead the league in one thing Tony, Clueless Knuckleheads"

This was the greatest segment in PTI history.  I never agreed more with both Wilbon & Kornheiser.  It was like they read my mind...Tell McGee to start staring people down when he plays in ONE playoff game.

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