More JaVale McGee From TNT

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another day at Inside the NBA, more JaVale McGee & Wizards soundbytes.  Shaq has the Wizards on his mind!  He was even at the game in Atlanta (which is why he is bringing it up)

Shaq:  "He reminds me of Nick Young a little bit, he can score when he wants to score, when he wants to score that basketball nobody's gonna stop him" -- talking about Delonte West

Kenny:  "You love the Wizard's man"

Shaq: "JaVale McGee!  I saw you last night baby!  You're an all-star.  JaVale McGee baby, I seen em"

Ernie: "That was a long night for the Wizards"

Chuck: "I'm a big JaVale McGee fan"

That was all during the pregame or halftime.  Then all the way at the end of the program at 1:30am.  They talked about JaVale McGee again, who is now apparently a running joke on the show...

Shaq:  "But I still like my boy JaVale McGee" -- after talking about Andrew Bynum coming back

Kenny:  "Oh my God JaVale McGee...I'm gonna get him in here" -- as he shakes his head in disbelief

Ernie:  "What the heck is gonna happen if we actually have JaVale McGee playing on a night when we're on the air?"

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