NBA Christmas Game 1: Celtics @ Knicks

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Sunday, December 25, 2011

The first game of the NBA season that was almost lost! So exciting. The Knicks came out and played hard, played with emotion. Not sure if that is an opening day thing or if it is going to last the whole season due to the 66 game shortened schedule. I hope this short season makes the regular season more important and therefore more intense.

Lots of Celebs in attendance.  Look at this clown with his winter hat on.  It's freaking hot inside!

The Knicks may have been playing hard, but they give Jarred Jeffries minutes on the floor. Knicks fans need to lower their championship expectations.

As for the Celtics it looks like a cheetah running around with 4 elephants, with Rondo being the cheetah. Rondo is clearly the best player on the team and the rest of his teammates are old, slow, and stale. I've also already ruled them out of the Finals.  Someone told me old teams win.  Not this old.

Aside from Jeffries, this game featured the greatest Wizard of all time Mike Bibby (who was out with an injury) as well as Bill Walker who was drafted by the Wiz and traded for cash on draft day.

Joey Crawford T'd up everyone and their mother.  I think he gave a nun a T for praying with a smile on her face...

And the Knicks ended up winning, 106-104.  Melo had 37 for the NYK and Rondo had 31 and 13.

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