One Hundred Million Dollars

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, December 5, 2011

I don't know anything about NBA contracts and I usually don't care to think about them, but the league has a new "Amnesty Clause" which is very interesting. This clause is interesting to Wizards fans because when you Google the clause and read articles around the net, you see tons of pictures of Rashard Lewis and Gilbert Arenas.

Basically, the amnesty clause allows a team to waive one and only one player and remove their salary from the team's cap number. The player will still get paid but the salary won't have negative implications on the salary structure of the team. That is as in depth as I can explain it.

The reason that Gilbert and Rashard are coming up in every article is because they both make an insane amount of money for a combined 19 points per game. If the Magic waive Gilly they will be relieved of $60 Mil and if the Wiz waive Lewis they will be relieved of $45 Mil. The two are middle of the road players outside of their prime. That is the worst $100 Million Dollars ever...oh Albert Haynesworth...nevermind...

According to Rashard Lewis' agent he is a great player and the Wizards love him and they will never waive him. (Wizards Insider). Michael Lee gives a few reasons why waiving Lewis could actually turn out to hurt the Zards. They would have to replace Lewis with some other overpriced people in order to meet the minimum salary cap requirements.

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