Other Free Agents

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, December 1, 2011

Yesterday I talked about the 3 free agents that were on the Wizards' roster last year. Today I look at unattainable free agents from around the league...

Nene would be a solid big man for the Wizards who currently have skinny Andray Blatche & JaVale McGee in the paint. He scores more than JaVale but I don't think the Wizards would even think about spending money where they have in their minds a "future star". I say the more the merrier, but it will never happen on Nene's side or the Wiz side.

Tyson Chandler: There is 0 chance he would want to play in DC for a bad Wizards team. Oh I'm supposed to stop saying bad, terrible, etc and say "up & coming" or "young".

Mac Gasol: Another decent big man, but the Wizards don't need a 7 foot guy shooting finger rolls in the paint with Andray Blatche. Would I rather have him instead of Andray, sure, but it isn't gonna happen.

David West: Oh my! A Forward. Something the Wizards could use. West is the best scorer out of this entire class of free agents. West would be the best player for a struggling team who needs points instead of role-playing centers. This guy is who I wish Andray Blatche was. Would he want to play for a non-contender (see I didn't say bad)?

Would any of these guys actually want to play in DC. John Wall is attractive, but other than that they would have to be paid big money, which the Wizards will not give out. Instead the Wiz are gonna focus trying to get their current mediocre free agents to stay while they watch these bigger mediocre free agents sign with playoff contenders (or for big $).

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