Orlando Gets Rid Of Their Best Player!

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, December 9, 2011

Gilbert Arenas has been waived by the Magic via the Amnesty Clause. The Magic will end up saving 60 Million off of the cap and taxes. Gilbert will go on the waiver wire and teams that are under the salary cap will have first dibs to pick him up. If none of them want him, another team can pick him up. Either way the new team will have to pay some portion of the salary. If Gilbert doesn't get picked up, the Magic will be stuck with paying him the full figure of the contract.

Will anyone pick up Arenas? It may depend on what % of the salary they have to pick up, but Arenas is far past his prime. He is also a little nuts so a team would have to deal with that. I think he could come back on a terrible team and score some points, or go to a contender and play a few minutes per game. I'd rather he have a chance to play more minutes, but I'm not sure he wants to.

As always I think the Wizards should pick him up, and he will come in and return to 30ppg!!!!!!!!!!!

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