Washington Generals Get Crushed By The Sixers

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, December 16, 2011


Washington Wizards 78, Philadelphia 76ers 103

The Team:

On Friday night at the Verizon Center the Philadelphia 76ers blew out the Washington Wizards in the first preseason game of the season by a score of 103-78.  The Wizards looked awful and couldn't hit a shot while the Sixers nailed open jumpers all night long.

After the first quarter, the Wizards were down by 8.  After the second quarter, the Wizards were down by 21.  In that half the Wiz hit zero 3 pointers, shot 28%, and had 12 turnovers.

Continuing the theme, after the 3rd quarter, the Wizards were down by 36.  Thankfully, the Wiz cut the lead down and only lost by 25 in what was an almost unwatchable contest for Wizards fans.  The Sixers best player Andre Iguodala scored 0 points...

The Players:

In a game with very few Wizards highlights, the best play of the game was when the Sixers had a 3-1 on Singleton as the lone defender. Chris blocked a pass and not only stopped the scoring play but gave the Wizards the possession.  Singleton also had a nice open court steal & slam later in the game.

Andray Blatche led the Wiz with 18 points, but that was about all he did.  He looked like he was working harder on the defensive end, but looked like the same old Dray on offense.  He settled for lots of jumpers instead of making any moves.

Kareem Abdul JaVale took about 3 hook shots including a sky hook from the free throw line. Imagine that Magic Johnson play...now imagine a gangly guy with terrible touch takes the shot...yeah it was like throwing a rock at a brick wall.

Shelvin Mack looked shaky at times but also looked good on a 3 point play early in the game and an alleyoop to Jan Vesely in the 4th quarter.

John Wall had only 8 points and had 6 turnovers.  His highlight came with the Wizards down by 40, yes 40.  Wall had a nice quick drive from the wing for a monster dunk and he got really fired up after.  I mean it was a HUGE play, that cut the Sixers lead to 38.

As for the rest of the guys, there is not much to say about anyone.  Nobody else finished in double figures scoring copared to the 6 sixers that did.  The Wiz finished with a shooting percentage of 32%.

The Wiz will face the Sixers again on Tuesday night in Philly at 7pm in the final preseason tuneup before the games count...

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