Wizards Lack Of Backup Point Guard Helps Lead To Loss

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, January 2, 2012

During the loss on Monday night against the Celtics, John Wall was on the bench at a crucial time in the 4th quarter when the Celtics starters were on the floor.  With Wall on the bench, the "point guard" Jordan Crawford led a terrible offense where he turned the ball over and led offensive possessions that featured ZERO passes and ONE poor shot.

In the final 5 minutes Wall turned the ball over 2 times on weak passes.  It looked like he was tired.  It looked like his passes didn't have the strength that they typically do.  And why is he so tired?  Because nobody can play PG well enough to give him the rest he needs.  Add that to the fact that he has to carry an entire team on his back.

Jordan Crawford is not a point guard. He is nothing close to a point guard. So why is he the guy spelling John Wall when he needs a rest.  The way the Wizards roster is structured, John Wall has to play every second of the game for the team to succeed.  It is a terrible, TERRIBLE, roster.  That is on the front office.

The problems started with the draft.  As we all know, the Wizards used their 6th pick on a skinny guy from another country instead of picking up one of the 3 top college point guards that were available at that moment.  The Wizards thinking was that they already had their point guard of the future, and should build youth in other places.

In the 2nd round the Wizards picked up Shelvin Mack, who didn't get any playing time against the Celtics.  The Wizards instead went with Jordan Crawford as the fill-in for both games and he proceeded to turn the ball over as well as lead offensive sets where 0 passes were made.  If Shelvin Mack isn't your backup point guard, then why didn't you pick up one in the offseason?

People were talking about signing Josh Howard and overlooking the point guard slot.  Were there no Antonio Daniels types out there?  Veterans with experience who could fill in for Wall?  Not great players, but good point guards who have been around.  A player that wouldn't just backup Wall, but would help mentor him.  No Sam Cassell doesn't count.  He isn't wearing a uniform.

Look at the Mavs last season and look at JJ Barea.  That guy was a backup point guard who came off the bench and provided a spark.  The Wizards have none of that.  Wall out, spark gone.

So hopefully the Wizards can somehow get through the season with Wall not collapsing from exhaustion.  Hopefully they start playing Shelvin Mack or sign Gilbert Arenas (I guess I'm not serious about that).  If not they may not win a single game.

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