Blatche's Time Is Up, Trade Him For Anything

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, March 5, 2012

Well, that is kind of misleading.  Blatche's time in DC has been up for years.  We've known for a while that he isn't good for the team but management didn't care.  He refused to go into a game, and wasn't even disciplined last season.

And now every time Dray touches the ball the fans boo him.  The fans in this city HATE him.

So how can management possibly keep him on the team again next season?  Are they going to give us some more 7 day Dray b.s. telling us that Blatche is in the best shape of his life and yada yada yada.  Because the way I see it, if Andray is on the roster next season then I'm finished watching this team.

He isn't the worst player.  He can be really good at times.  But he can't be good here.  No...not possible.  For his sake and for our sake, get him out of town.

Dray is saying the crowd is getting in his head and I don't blame him.  Hearing the boos when he touches the ball makes me feel awkward so I can't imagine how it makes him feel.

In fact, the NBA trade deadline hasn't even hit yet.  Why wait?  TRADE HIM NOW.  Trade him 5 minutes ago.  So what do you want in return?  Doesn't matter.  Anyone...Anything.  A ham sandwich.  A baloney sandwich.  Just get the guy out of here.

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Ali Z said...

You are right on target...Blatche has to go at any cost...his latest commments about how the boos are getting to him only furthers the point.