Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, March 30, 2012

Buckhantz dropped a DAGGER! and streamers fell from the sky!  Wizards still 2nd worst team in the league...

With 1:18 left in the game Cartier Martin hit a jumper to put the Wizards up 19 points.  That was apparently the shot that put the Wizards up for good because Steve Buckhantz dropped a emphatic yet quiet "Dagger!"

Now I know Buck gets a little antsy sometimes.  He does daggers in games where the Wizards end up losing.  But tonight he was really itchy.  He was going to say Dagger and nobody was going to stop him.

The Wizards ended up picking up a win and NOT blowing a huge lead...finally.  As the game ended, streamers fell from the sky, which is the most awful celebration in sports.  Streamers for a regular season win that keep the team as the 2nd worst in the NBA.

Both Booker and Nene left the game with foot injuries...

Player Notes:

Kevin Seraphin & Nene:  These guys are giving the Wizards a post game.  Kevin is getting better each game.  He only misses a few shots because he only takes good shots.  I'm impressed.  (14 pts, 7 boards, 3 assists, 2 blocks).  Both Kev and Nene shot 64% from the field.  A combined 30 points, 14 rebounds.  That is like 1 Kevin Love.

Jan Vesely:  I will always hate this draft pick.  He did well swatting at balls, fouling, and hustling for loose balls.  This type of play does not work every game and does not work against good teams for an extended period of time.

Cartier Martin:  Why was this guy not on the team in the first place?  He is a scorer.  He scored last year.  He hit big shots last year.

John Wall:  Mediocre stats again, poor shooting, but I don't feel comfortable when he is on the bench.

Buckhantz saying Ernie Grunfield is so smart, a "genius"  for picking up Cartier Martin.  So is he a moron for cutting him 2 times?  

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