D'Antoni Resigns, Should Wizards Persue?

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mike D'Antoni is an "offensive genius".  That is according to the greatest player in NBA history, Jeremy Lin.  Well when Carmello Anthony came back to the Knicks he destroyed a good D'Antoni guard run offense and forced the coach to step down.

So should the Wizards try to hire D'Antoni?

Yeah.  Two reasons.  Steve and Nash.  Under D'Antoni Nash was a 2x League MVP.  With a young, fast point guard like John Wall who's number 1 goal in life is to go 1,000 miles per hour down the floor, he would match well with D'Antoni's fast break score first defend later style.  Even Lin was thriving before Cancer Carmello showed up.

Of course this probably wouldn't work if the current "knucklehead" gang is also on the roster...right...

I'm not sure what D'Antoni's future for the season is since he quit.  I'm guessing he terminates his own contract.  In the NHL when the Capitals fired Bruce Boudreau the Anaheim Ducks hired Bruce only a day or two later.  It would be interesting if the Wizards could do this.  Then they wouldn't have to compete with the other teams who fire their coach at the end of the year.  Would D'Antoni want to do this.  And would it even be legal?

In my dream I wake up tommorow, Thursday, and Nick Young, JaVale McGee, and Andray Blatche have been traded and Mike D'Antoni is the coach...Dreaming...

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