Dirked In Dallas

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Wizards lost to the Mavericks but who really cares.  The following happened.  The best play of the night happened in the final minute.  Somebody threw a very easy alleyoop to JaVale McGee who ... just watch

Yea! SportsBog got some official video not shot on a grainy digital camera video mode from 2002.

Game Notes:

Dallas' veterans were just too good for the Wizards, much like the Spurs the other night.  The team is playing harder and playing better basketball, but it is nothing compared to playoff teams like the Spurs and Mavs.

Towards the end of the 4th quarter the Wizards derailed.  Andray Blatche fired up a foot on the line 2 pointer.  Booker fired up a long jumper.  Nick Young took terrible corner fadeaways, and Marge Bouvier scored on John Wall at will.

John Wall always tries to dunk and one of these days he is going to get hit in the legs and break his neck.  He is out of control on his dunk attempts.

At one point Nick Young dunked on somebody, and it was quite awesome, and afterwards he flashes some bizarre hand signals and then takes another second to grab his jersey while the Mavs push the ball up the floor.

Big fatty Andray Blatche consistently turns the ball over or gets blocked and it leads to 2-3 points down the other end for a 4-5 point swing in a matter of seconds.

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