Fat Blatche No Match For Tiago Splitter

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, March 12, 2012

The Washington Wizards started off their six game road trip in San Antonio 112-97 with a loss to the Spurs after some classic Wizards matador defense and some great fundamental Spurs basketball.  The Wizards kept the game relatively close with some big three point shooting, limiting turnovers, and JaVale McGee playing well against an older Duncan and less skilled Splitter.

Hopefully John Wall was taking some notes while Tony Parker was driving past him to the hoop.  Parker goes under control, remains on his feet, and has the ability to both pass & shoot every time.  He finished with 31, Wall with 12.

Tiago Splitter was getting open layup after layup in the first half.  When I say open I feel like you heard kind of open.  I mean open, uncovered, nobody within three feet of him. 17 points for him.

One of the things that the Wizards do a little different with Booker & Singleton in the lineup is commit good old fashioned hard fouls. Fouls the way they should be where you take the other guys arms off and make sure there is no chance at a 3 point play.

And what is the deal with Blatche.  He has clearly put on weight.  I'm guessing it is partially to being injured an inactive, partially to playing less minutes, and partially to eating to cure his sadness from the fans booing him?  I feel bad for the guy, get him out of town so he can enjoy playing basketball.

The best part of the game is with a minute and a half left in the game, Parker intentionally fouled so Popavich could sub out the starters for scrubs...Maybe one game the Wizards can do that...oh wait the starters are already benched...

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