The Owner's Highlight Of The Season

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, March 12, 2012

Ted Leonsis, the owner of the Washington Wizards, blogged today about how fun and awesome the fans are at Wizards games because they did a wave that was captured on TV.  Meanwhile on the court the opposing team's players are making the Wizards players do a wave of their own.  Every time the opponent dribbles, a Wiz player put's their hands up until the guy dribbles past.  At this point the next guy puts his hand up and suddenly we have a five man wave and 2 points for the other team.  Fun!

This is why I don't like having an owner who is blogging.  There is nothing fun about the crowd doing a wave while the team makes the SportsCenter Not Top Ten every single game for plays that even high school players don't do.

And Ted, the fans were not doing a wave to inspire the team.  They were doing it as somewhat of a joke.  Some way to have fun while they were watching the garbage on the court.  That is what a "wave" is these days.  It is not a serious thing.  It is something some guy with glasses decides to start because it was the only thing he was good at while the real athletes were playing sports.

So basically the highlights of this season are novelty acts.  The crowd cheers when they do a wave, when a Wizard player throws up an alley-oop to nobody, and when the team gets lucky and beats the Lakers.  People cheering the novelty.  If that Lakers comeback was against the Hawks, the crowd wouldn't have been half as loud.

Anyways you can watch this fun and exciting wave on the Sports Bog.  The best part about this video, is that Glen Consor claims he invented the wave as a little bit that doesn't really get any laughs.

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