Wiz Lose First Of Back To Back To Back

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Sunday, March 25, 2012

For the second straight game the Washington Wizards turned a large lead into a loss, this time blowing a 16 point lead against the Hawks for the 95-92 loss.  The Zards outplayed the Hawks for most of the game, but when it came time to end the game Atlanta stepped up and Washington let up.

Nene came alive again and the crowd is really getting behind him.  He finished with a game high 21 points, a game high 11 rebounds, and a game high 3 blocks.  Nene had 10 points and 6 boards in the first 8 minutes of the game and got a well deserved round of applause from the crowd.

The Wizards are fighting hard and playing some good basketball behind NeNe's leadership but they still can't close out games.  Jordan Crawford is the main guy on offense, not John Wall, which is kind of disappointing.  Wall had 8 Points, 3 Assists, and 1-10 from the field.  That is our #1 pick.  Clearly having a ball hog scorer like Crawford playing the 2 is not helping John Wall AT ALL.  Jordan Crawford is the John Wall Killer.

In the closing minutes of close games the star players step up (except Lebron).  John Wall does not do this.  Having the ball in his hands with the game on the line does not scare the other team.  It does not give us as fans the same excitement that we experienced when Gilbert had the ball in his hands.

Wizards play the 2nd of the back to back today against the Celtics in Boston at 6pm...

Buckhantz quote of the game (about Jordan Crawford):  "Phil sometimes he gets off some outrageous looking jumpers and I don't know how he does it"

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