Wizards Shut Down Andray Blatche, Due To Conditioning (Yeah Right)

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Tweet from Michael Lee of the Washington Post

I guess Andray could actually be injured or needing to get back in shape, but I really think that the team is just done with him.  He was inconsistant, he didn't do what the coaches asked of him, and he took jump shots instead of posting up.  Are you gonna keep a guy OUT of games to get in shape?

If I was the Wizards management I would have cut my losses weeks ago (and maybe even in the beginning of the year) and just told Dray to go home.   Pay him the money you owe him and keep him far away from the organization.  Especially after you found out that trading him was not an option because no other team wanted him.
I guess we will see if Dray still comes and sits on the bench in a suit every game if the team really kicked him out or if they really are resting him due to injury.  I just know that if they want a higher draft pick they should keep him on the floor.

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